We will have several teachers from Europe and the United States giving classes on self-realization and spiritual wisdom:  

Premananda das is a world renowned kirtan leader and songwriter. He grew up in Malaysia and the UK, also

spending time in the Seychelles, Borneo and Kenya.  Prem (Premananda das) studied music, guitar and piano. He performed his own songs on the radio and at folk clubs from the age of 15.

His interest in kirtan was inspired by George Harrison’s music. At the age of 19, whilst living in New Zealand he decided that spiritual development was more important than chasing musical success.  He returned to England to teach meditation, also visiting Israel, St. Petersburg in Russia and Poland. 

At present he has a YouTube channel called ‘Prem-Yoga Music from the Heart’ also available on Sound cloud. His teachings and kirtans are uplifting and brings out the spiritual love that is within all of us.  He is accompanied by his wife Rishi, who sings and plays the keyboard.

Gangaram das currently lives in Arizona and has been giving lectures and kirtans since 1970. He has been teaching in India, Thailand, The Philippines, Africa and the United States. His practical understanding of self-realization and our real identity will help us explore the purpose of life.

Rama dasi was born in the Philippines but has lived most of her life in African countries, South America, and the US. She has given classes on the Science of Identity from a young age, and continues to organize regular kirtans in her home in Arizona. 





Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation is the repetition of transcendental sound which focuses the mind and becomes a source of inner balance and well being.

This meditation can be practiced in several different ways: 

Kirtan, the singing or chanting of sacred mantras, or Transcendental Sound, is an easy yet sublime method of yoga meditation that has been practiced since time immemorial. It is the recommended process for self-realization in the modern age and has the gradual effect of cleansing your heart and mind, helping you to awaken and cultivate your inherent wisdom and spiritual love.


Japa is the soft recitation of mantra using a string of beads called a japa mala.  This is a simple guided demonstration that can be adopted as part of a daily meditation practice.

This meditation technique uses 3 of the 5 senses to help bring the mind into focus upon the transcendental sound; the tongue in vibrating the mantra, the ear in hearing the sacred sound, and the sense of touch while touching each bead in the string of beads while chanting.

One can sit, stand, lie down or even walk while performing this meditation. 

Gauranga meditation is a deep breathing technique while repeating a mantra sound with every inhalation and exhalation. It is very important to listen closely to the sound and meditate on this sound. This meditation increases clarity and patience, gives freedom from anxiety and fear, improves health and sleep, provides stress relief and deeper inner happiness. It is an excellent way to begin and end the day with this breathing technique.

Kirtan concerts

There will be a Kirtan concert on Saturday evening.  Join us at Synergia Ranch for Premananda das and his wife Hrishi, followed by Jai Aum.

Ganga Jala Band, Zound Forms and DJ Murari will be performing in Albuquerque at Warehouse 508 from 6-9 pm.

Yoga and body work

Seva leads a gentle kundalini-style yoga class which invites participants of all levels to join. Throughout the class there will be breathing, stretching, and various movements to help improve strength, circulation, and flexibility.  Mantra meditation is practiced as a part to help focus energy and bring about greater mental clarity.  The class is concluded with a soothing relaxation and gentle gong bath, where practitioners are allowed to integrate all that they have experienced.  Everyone is welcome to attend and participate as much as they like.  

Radharani has vast experience in multiple modalities of the healing arts.  The sessions in the sacred space will seek to utilize many of these methods to offer a tranquil time of peaceful rejuvenation.  Energy work will be combined with myofascial (light touch), various essential oils, a selection of crystals, and sound healing elements.  An experience of natural bliss is sure to await.  

Body work will be given in the yurt from Saturday 10:30am to Sunday 3:30pm. Sing up sheets will be available in the yurt.

Ayurvedic class

Ayurveda is considered to be the oldest healing science. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “The Science of Life.” Ayurvedic knowledge came from India more than 5,000 years ago and is often called the “Mother of All Healing.” It originates from the ancient Vedic culture. Ayurveda places great emphasis on prevention and encourages the maintenance of health through close attention to balance in one’s life, right thinking, diet, exercise, lifestyle and the use of herbs. During this retreat we will teach you some simple  techniques to promote well being.

Ancient Aarati Ceremony

Aarati is part of devotional service  and an offering of respect. It is done to show humbleness and gratefulness to the deities while singing mantra's. Arati symbolizes the five elements of the universe namely ether, wind, fire, water and earth. 

Vegetarian foods

There are many things that contribute to good health but diet is probably the most important.

All the yoga paths promote a vegetarian diet.

We will serve vegetarian food prepared by the talented chef of Synergia Ranch, Margaret Augustine. She uses local and in season organic produce to make delicious meals and snacks.

Vegetarianism complements meditation. It is the most compassionate diet because it involves eating food containing the least amount of destruction of life. For those who wish to make rapid progress in meditation, a vegetarian diet is important.

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